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Reed Lake where catching Northern Pike of 45 to 50 plus inches is a daily occurrence. The biggest caught to date is 53 inches...WOW!!

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The Best Fishing in Canada!

Reed Lake is a very unique body of water. It is approximately 14 miles long and 10 miles wide with more than 500 islands. It has the famous Grassy River flowing through it which supplies clear fresh water year round. The West side of Reed Lake includes the islands, bays, sand bars and weedy area. This area is approximately 40-60 feet deep. This area makes a great spawning area for those large female Northern Pike and Walleye. The center part of Reed Lake is approximately 120-125 feet deep, and has lots and lots of rocks. This is the area where the Lake Trout hide in the hot summer. The east end of Reed Lake is where the Grassy River flows out with shallow bays and weedy areas; this makes it the perfect place to catch that Big Northern or Walleye. Grass River Lodge provides the necessary catering for a premier trophy fishing experience in Canada.

Come join us for a spectacular fishing trip and I’m sure you will agree that it’s the best fishing in Canada.
Ike and Liz Enns