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Reed Lake where catching Northern Pike of 45 to 50 plus inches is a daily occurrence. The biggest caught to date is 53 inches...WOW!!

Rates for 2016 Season

2016 Pricing Guide

American Plan

Includes airport pick up from Flin Flon, lodging, meals, shore lunch, boat & motor, gas, and guide.

  • 3 Days, 4 Nights - $1695.00
  • 4 Days, 5 Nights - $1870.00
  • 5 Days, 6 Nights - $2210.00
  • 6 Days, 7 Nights - $2495.00
  • 7 Days, 8 Nights - $2650.00

One Day Flyouts

$285.00 per person

On these flyout lakes, fish are kept for shore lunch only. All other fish are released.

Outpost Camps

File, Morton, Vickers, Corley, Loonhead, Moody, Dolomite.

  • 5 Days, 6 Nights - $1530.00
  • 6 Days, 7 Nights - $1630.00
  • 7 Days, 8 Nights - $1730.00

Hilton Outcamp

  • 5 Days, 6 Nights - $1550.00
  • 6 Days, 7 Nights - $1680.00
  • 7 Days, 8 Nights - $1895.00

What to bring for Outpost Camps?

Food, fishing gear, rain gear, warm jacket for early morning and evenings, mosquito repellent, towels, dish towels, dish soap and camera. For guest flying commercially we can arrange your grocery order and have it ready when you arrive.

*Note to Our Outpost Guests

Weight limit per person is 100 lbs. All baggage will be weighed. We have to adhere to these regulations set by Canadian Transport Committee. We charge $300 if a second or additional aircraft is needed; so please streamline your gear and let’s fly safe for many years to come!


If your group does not occupy all the beds at the outcamp, the lodge may use the boat at your outcamp for a 1 day flyout

Border Crossing

A passport is required to get back into the USA from Canada. If you have ever had a DUI, whether 2 months ago or 30 years ago you need to clean it up. Call 1-800-438-7020 and ask for Luci Porillo. A DUI is a felon in Canada and they will NOT let you into Canada.

What to Bring

Fishing gear, 1 rod that will use 8-12 lb. test line for Walleye and 1 rod that will use 14-21 lb. test for the big Northern and Lake Trout, a good 2 piece rain gear, warm jacket, gloves, & camera


Flying - If you are flying by airline into Flin Flon Airport pick-up is included in your package. Many people choose to fly into Winnipeg, rent a car, and drive up to the lodge -  a 6 1/2 hr drive from Winnipeg.

Private A/C Travel:

Latitude = 54 - 41N
Longitude = 101 - 41W

Driving - Take Hwy #6 North of Winnipeg till it dead-ends at Hwy #39. Turn left or west for 60 miles. Grass River Lodge is on the north side of the Hwy. You have arrived!


$300.00 deposit per guest required
All Rates are in US Funds
Provincial and GST tax as applicable
Add 4% for Visa and Mastercard

For More Information or Reservations
Call Toll Free
1-866-BIG PIKE (244-7453)